rock the world for me
is schon ne Woche her, dass ich das geschrieben hab... aber trotzdem:

where are you?
why are you so far away?
I miss you.
even that is hard to say
when we're alone
standing in rain
hearts become stone
to kill the pain.

we start to cry,
what we should try
to comprehend.
the distance hurts.
it hurts like hell.
and painful words
come pretty well.

but why do we
do so much wrong?
although we see
our love is strong.
the time without you
is so hard
but it's not true
that we're apart.

inside of me
you have a place
where you can be
when life's a maze.
I'm always there
right by your side
no matter where
I'll hold you tight.

so lets forget
what we said wrong
problems we had
and let's be strong. I send a kiss
sweet as can be
to tell you this
written by me
1.5.07 12:21

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